Reliable Commercial Fire Suppression Systems

Since 1986, Justice Fire and Security has protected business premises around the country with reliable, trusted fire suppression systems.

From factories to hotels, warehouses to homes, banks to retail units, data centres and electrical switch rooms we’ve designed and installed a huge range of fire suppression systems which help stop fire spreading if it starts.

These systems work alongside fire detection and alarm systems to ensure your staff, stock and stability stay safe if fire strikes.

Fire Suppression Systems and Portable Fire Extinguishers for Businesses

All our fire suppression systems are designed to work seamlessly in conjunction with our Fire Alarm and VESDA systems.

We can use inert gas (or fire suppression gas IG55), dry powder, clean chemical agents such as FE-227, FM200 C02, or water mist systems. These fire suppression systems are suitable for various commercial premises, such as hotels, restaurants, data centres, and server rooms.

We also stock, install and maintain a range of portable fire extinguishers and other commercial fire-fighting equipment. We can maintain existing fire equipment too. 

Trusted, Experienced Quotes for Commercial Fire Suppression Systems

Depending on your commercial premises, we can advise on a range of fire alarms, fire detection systems, fire suppression solutions and match it with CCTV and other security systems.

We provide full, free quotes for all our work – so it’s worth calling now to discuss the best options for you.

We’ve built a strong reputation over three decades for providing safe, reliable fire safety solutions for business.

And, many of our fire detection systems are still fully operational more than 15 years after installation.

Our credentials

We are registered with local fire brigades, and we can supply a BAFE Certificate of competence in accordance with CFOA Policy.

We provide free quotes and trusted advice. Contact us now on 0845 468 9077 to discuss design and installation options your commercial fire suppression system from Justice Fire and Security.

Fire Suppression