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CCTV Surveillance

Three decades’ experience fitting security cameras for schools, hospitals and more

At Justice Fire and Security, we’ve spent the last three decades developing cutting-edge CCTV systems and security cameras for the public sector.

Our reputation and industry standing has allowed us to offer some of the UK’s best security systems at prices public sector institutions can afford.

Maybe that’s why more than 10,000 UK customers trust us to handle their security needs.

Our CCTV cameras help institutions like yours discourage theft and vandalism. We’ve designed and installed security cameras for schools, care homes, GP surgeries, council buildings and many more public sector properties.

Discover how nearly 30 years of public sector security experience can help protect your interests – request a free security survey on 0845 468 0927.

Cutting-edge public sector CCTV cameras

CCTV systems have come a long way since we set up shop in 1986.

Nowadays, they’re much more than a deterrent against crime. They’re a window into what’s going on at your property, even when you’re not there.

For your peace of mind, our installers fit cutting-edge wireless security camera systems that can be accessed remotely from your computer at home – or even via mobile devices like smartphones.

What’s more, our experts go further than most to ensure our public sector CCTV systems provide the best possible security at all times. For example, we carry out a daily health check to ensure everything’s working as it should to combat crime.

For added security, we even offer round-the-clock monitoring of your CCTV cameras. This means if anything suspicious is detected, we can alert the authorities before any damage is done.

Gold-standard public sector security

Justice Fire and Security is proud to be accredited by some of the UK’s most trusted industry bodies.

Since 1989, we’ve held the coveted NSI Gold accreditation – a testament to the quality of our public sector security systems. We’re also fully fire accredited, and are proud members of the BSIA trade association.

Book a FREE security survey and quote today

Our engineers will work hard to give your institution the security it needs. We can help with everything from a couple of security cameras in a GP surgery, to installation of complex, monitored school CCTV systems.

You can integrate our CCTV with our other security systems too, for even more peace of mind.

Our friendly experts will be more than happy to discuss how our public sector security systems can help you.


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