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There are various types of detection devices and features that may be incorporated. The type and number of detectors will be specified by our company surveyor. 

Warning Sounders

Warning sounders or devices with pre‐recorded warning messages can be connected to the system so that an automated warning is annunciated should a detector be triggered to act as a deterrent to any unauthorised person.

CCTV Monitoring

is very useful when the premises are closed and empty. Once the premises are closed the CCTV system is enabled and from that point any activation of the detectors will transmit the images to a 24hr remote video response centre. The trained operators can view the live images of the scene, use the PA system to warn any potential intruder, call the police and/or a security company.A monitored CCTV system is particularly cost effective on a high risk site when compared to the cost of on‐ site manned guarding during out of trading hours and can save many thousands of pounds in these costs. Full monitored systems have to comply with BS 8418 and specialist companies have this additional scope on their accreditation certificates. A BS 8418 system can gain immediate Police response.


PA Horn