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There are various types of detection devices and features that may be incorporated. The type and number of detectors will be specified by our company surveyor. 

Detectors and Beams

External movement detectors or beams can be used on a site so that if movement is detected a PTZ camera can be panned round to the scene and an alert sent off. Particularly useful on unmanned sites and in conjunction with a monitored system. 

Video Motion Detection

Works a bit like detectors and beams but no hardware is involved. Instead the software in the NVR is set to notice a change in the scene or when a virtual line in the image is crossed. The software can also be set to notice objects that have been left, for example a bag that has been left in an airport which could be suspicious. In some cases, this works well but unlike a movement detector which will pick up a solid object moving, the software is looking at a change of scene so can without proper adjustment be prone to false alarms. For example, the sun going behind a cloud will cause a shadow on the ground to disappear causing an activation. Movement and beam detectors are of course unaffected by these changes. 


Automatic Number Plate Recognition again uses software built within the NVR to recognise number plates and can even keep a database of valid number plates. These systems can further be interfaced with access control systems to say automatically open gates or barriers if the vehicle is on the database such as an employee’s car or raise an alarm if the vehicle is not on the database. 


Whilst NVRs now can connect to the internet and be viewable across devices remotely, it is often required that on site monitors are used. These can vary from a simple flat screen computer type 17” monitor to a complete array of large wall mounted screens viewing different areas both locally and remotely. Monitors are now High Definition (HD) or even 4K. 

Public Address and audio Challenge

Where a monitored CCTV system is installed, both detection and audio challenge are required so that when the monitoring stations operator detect a potential crime in place they can speak to the culprit warning them to leave site before the police are called. The system requires several speakers or PA horns and an on‐site amplifier which is connected to the NVR. 

Infra-Red (IR) Lighting

Most Cameras these days have their own in built infra‐red however these are limited to perhaps 10 or 12 metres. It is possible to flood light a complete area with infra‐red lighting. The advantage is that to the naked eye the area can be pitch black, making it harder for intruders to see valuables but to the camera or cameras the scene is brightly lit thanks to IR lighting 

Towers and Columns

Cameras can be fitted to buildings and structures but in some cases such as large yards there are no buildings within the vicinity of the area that needs covering. Or perhaps the camera needs to be positioned higher than the building. Towers and columns come in various heights and features.






Red Wall Detector 




Video Motion Detection 











PA Horn 


Infra Red Lighting 



Towers and Columns