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Smoke Cloak Systems For Commercial Premises

Smoke Cloak is a highly effective system to stop burglars in their tracks. If your premises is raided, a burglar alarm will alert the emergency services – but it can take time for them to arrive.

Smoke Cloak activates a thick cloud of smoke. With no visibility, thieves cannot escape. It’s a great way to protect valuable stock.

Smoke Cloak also provides a crucial delay, which gives the emergency services time to respond when your intruder alarm is triggered. While the intruders struggle in smoke, the police get extra time to hopefully catch the bad guys.

A Harmless But Hugely Effective Security System

When activated, Smoke Cloak makes it impossible for intruders to see. Within seconds, the smoke is thick enough to fill the room and reduce visibility completely. 

But it’s also harmless. Smoke Cloak basically creates a denser, thicker version of the same smoke used on stage in theatres – glycol vapour.

Importantly, it’s also harmless to your goods and products: televisions, tablets, mobile phones, jewellery and other high-value items won’t get damaged by the smoke or any dyes or residue like some other systems. 

We’re Approved Smoke Cloak Installers

We’ve been fitting commercial security systems for almost 30 years. We’ve worked with banks, retailers, stock holding warehouses, factories, building sites and every other kind of commercial property.

We hold NSI NACOSS Gold accreditation for our gold-standard security systems – and we’re approved Smoke Cloak installers too.

Smoke Cloak works best in conjunction with a robust, reliable commercial security system. Our local engineers have experience installing a full range of security measures, including burglar alarms, intruder alarms and CCTV cameras.

Call us now on 0845 468 9077 to discuss how Smoke Cloak can add an extra layer of protection to your commercial security system. We’ll happily provide a free quote, or a free security survey to help you ensure your commercial property is kept as safe as possible with Smoke Cloak.



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