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In today's environment of risk assessment, with the increasing responsibility for safety on the owner / occupier, it is increasingly important that the quality of fire protection ensures "fit for purpose" and is installed and maintained by "competent persons". In buying your fire protection from a BAFE Registered Firm you are assured of this.

Where relevant an independent third party certificate of conformance is issued that can be used as part of a statutory defence in law, should the necessity arise.

SP203-1 Modular Scheme

Insisting on fire protection that conforms to the relevant BAFE scheme provides you with a simple way of ensuring that your project meets recognised national standards and can be independently third party certificated.

We hold the SP203 Modular Scheme for Fire Detection and Alarm systems through the NSI Fire Gold Scheme (Certificate no 100385 click to download)

BAFE is an independent inspectorate body who inspect Justice Fire and security to ensure we are working to the highest standards. BAFE check all our systems, engineers, procedures, insurance, false alarm analysis, maintenance completion times, call out response and much more, The following organisations all recommend you have an approved service and system in place:

  • The Government
  • Insurance Companies
  • The Fire Brigade
  • The Association of British Insurers
  • Local Councils

Legal requirements for building owners

As part of The Regulatory (Fire Safety Law) Reform Order (The RRO) a fire safety provider should be able to prove his competence in his chosen field, just as with Gas or Electricity. The Government now recommends that you should choose a company who is approved with a 3rd party inspectorate such as BAFE. A building owner, manager, landlord, responsible person or any person who owns, runs the business or looks after the alarms system cannot pass on liability to a fire safety company by simply saying they chose a fire company to do this work. You should be able to prove you chose a competent company to look after fire safety requirements in accordance with The RRO.

Fire Brigade requirements

The Fire Brigade now recommends you have your systems / service installed by an approved company through a 3rd party inspectorate such as BAFE, the Fire Brigade recommends you chose a BAFE approved company to carry out your fire safety work also The Fire Brigade is now phasing in a procedure where they will not now respond to a fire alarm signal (from a monitored fire alarm system) unless it is installed by a BAFE approved company and has a unique reference number (URN).

Insurance requirements

Insurance companies need the peace of mind that a professional service will be in place and that all measures have been taken to ensure fire safety is of the highest standard. That's why the major insurers and most insurance organisations now recommend or specify a BAFE approved company to install or maintain fire safety systems and services.

BAFE Certificate

Fire Detection Engineer

Log Book and Handover Folder