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Intruder Alarm

Q: Do intruder Alarms cope with pets

A: Yes our sensors are pet immune up to a certain size of pet (Cats and small Dogs). Speak to our surveyors who will design a system around your pets 

Q: How do I get a Police response to my intruder alarm

A: To gain a Police response to your Home or Business premises you have to have your system monitored. Alarm monitoring is a very wise decision (and often an insurance requirement). A monitored system is a response where as a bells only system is just a noise. Once set up we will obtain what is known as a Police URN for your property which then enables the Police response. There are strict guidelines and standards we have to work to in order to monitor your system. The good news is all of our systems are capable of being monitored either commercial or residential

Q: How do I reset my system after a mains failure

A: In most cases for intruder alarms simply enter your code (or present your tag) and go through the setting procedure and as soon as the exit tone starts enter your code again (or present your tag) to unset the system. If the mains supply has been restored your system display should go back to normal.

Fire Alarm

Q: My Fire Alarm system is bleeping following a power cut

A: At your fire control panel there may be an enable code or key to enable the controls. Once the controls are enabled you need to press the "silence fault" button and if the mains supply has been restored pressing the "reset button" should return the system back to a healthy state.


Q: Can I view my CCTV remotely

A: Yes if it is one of our later CCTV systems you can use our App to view on a smart phone or tablet from anywhere in the world as long as your device is connected to the internet.

Q: I can't View my CCTV remotely

A: If you can see your CCTV images locally on the monitor which is plugged into the machine then the fault is likely to be with your internet connection or some other problem not directly related to the CCTV System. Make sure your broadband is working correctly and nothing has been unplugged before calling us.

Access control