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Interactive CCTV Response System

Save Money and Stay Secure With A CCTV Response System

CCTV response systems help to monitor your site – and can be safer, more cost effective and more reliable than manned guards or patrols.

We can install BS 8418 detector activated CCTV systems which ensure there is always a safe eye on your commercial site or property. In addition a BS 8418 System will gain a Police URN for priority Police response. We are one of the few companies with the extra Scope for these systems.

This is a very cost effective and efficient way to provide strong security. We can help install CCTV cameras in conjunction with access control systems, allowing you to only grant authorised users onto a site via a remote-release barrier (ideal for car compounds or site perimeters). This helps save thousands on staff costs.

Reliable and Secure CCTV Security Cameras For All Commercial Needs

Sadly, people aren’t perfect. Human error, and sometimes worse, can put your site security at risk. Remote monitored CCTV systems don’t have these flaws.

CCTV cameras can’t fall asleep on the job. They don’t need the toilet. They won’t try to sneak off for food. Nor can they be threatened, bribed or killed.

CCTV doesn’t require employee insurance, facilities, training, holidays or sick pay.

Security cameras also provide an instant, visible deterrent, and can provide a valuable pair of eyes on unmanned sites around-the-clock.

The system detects intrudes and immediately triggers a CCTV camera. The camera is linked to our state-of-the-art video monitoring centre, who can issue a loud challenge to the intruder over a public address (PA) system.

The centre can also alert police or key holders, and all images of the incident are recorded off site for future evidence and prosecution purposes.

Gold Standard Remote CCTV Monitoring

We’ve worked hard to make sure our CCTV monitoring services meet the highest possible standards. We know how important trust and reliability are for security systems, and we pride ourselves on 30 years of trust with businesses around the UK.

Those businesses like working with us, too. Because we invest in the best, to make sure our customers get the latest, safest security solutions. Among these investments is our advanced video monitoring centre.

We’ve found many companies are cutting corners: monitoring cameras on a standard PC at home. We provide the most secure option for your business, because we’ve gone the extra mile to meet the rigorous standards of the National Security Inspectorate.

We’ve already obtained NSI Gold approval to install CCTV and security systems to BS8418 and our RVRC (Remote Video response centre) is also NSI Gold approved, in accordance with the requirements. On top of that, we’re also suppliers and installers of the Videofied CCTV video verification systems.

BS-8418 is the code of practice used for Detector Activated and Remote Monitoring of CCTV Systems also known as Remote Video Response (RVR)


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