A Gaseous fire suppression system often used in Data and electrical switch rooms is highly effective at protecting your premises from the disruptive forces of fire. The system works by releasing a gas agent into the protected area which reacts with the fire or reduces the oxygen level which then suppresses or extinguishes the fire.

The gas needs to be retained in the protected area for a period in order to extinguish the fire (usually around 10 minutes) and it is therefore important that the room is adequately sealed.


Testing of the room's integrity for leaks must be carried out at least once a year in accordance with ISO 15004 and BAFE-SP203-3 and more often if the room has been subject to any alteration work. For example, a hole drilled through the wall to accommodate electrical cabling or pipework that hasn't been sealed adequately or a new door fitted may cause the test (and ultimately the fire suppression system) to fail.

The test involves using specialised equipment. The room is sealed off at the entrance door and a fan unit attached to pressurise the room. Measurements of the leakage are then taken and depending on the results of the predicted retention time the test will pass or fail. 

How long does the test take

It takes around 15 minutes to set up the test equipment in the door and the actual test takes around a further 15 minutes, results take about an hour to produce and the complete on site test takes around 4 hours for one enclosure or 6 hours for two.

During this time there is no need to shut down any computer equipment people can carry on working in the protected area, but the doorway may be blocked for up to one hour.

We carry out this service as part of our fire suppression complete maintenance package but we also offer this service to non contract customers as well.

Pressure relief Venting

It has been determined through recent testing that synthetic gases such as FM200 & Novec 1230 create under and over pressurisation on discharge, that could lead to structural damage. To prevent this, pressure relief vents should be installed where necessary. Using the latest software, pressure relief requirements can be ascertained.

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Our credentials

We are registered with local fire brigades, and we can supply a BAFE Certificate of competence in accordance with CFOA Policy.

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