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How Digital Technology Has Revolutionised CCTV

The explosion in digital technology has changed so many aspects of our everyday lives.

We take for granted what the internet is able to provide – the boundless wealth of information and knowledge it makes available to us.

Look at banking. Who writes cheques anymore? Transactions are routinely done online. The same goes for our shopping. How did we ever manage without Amazon!

Digital sophistication has also swept the board in the field of commercial and domestic security.

Analogue-based CCTV systems for business seem to have pretty much run their race, although there is still a place for hybrid installations (a mix of digital and analogue). The technology that digital CCTV systems offer, however, has elevated surveillance to a whole new level.

Closed Circuit Television is everywhere!

Today, there are a staggering two million CCTV cameras in operation throughout the UK – increasingly operated by digital means. Some of this monitoring equipment has arrived by stealth and may have caught some of us unawares! The next time you are out driving, just remember that there is a national database dedicated to automated numberplate recognition, which is storing 17 billion CCTV video footages. We are all probably on there somewhere! This information is all digitally created and stored. No longer is it kept on VHS cassettes, with a helpful sticky label attached as a reference point.

As one of the UK’s leading installers of CCTV cameras, intruder alarmsaccess control and fire alarms for homes and businesses, we have watched with amazement at the speed with which digital technology has swept the board and had such a positive impact on how we manage and operate our security equipment.

In terms of the quality and reliability that digital security equipment provides, it is hugely impressive – whether it is CCTV for offices, schools, commercial buildings generally or to protect where we live. The way we incorporate surveillance into the workplace and the home has changed forever – and for the better.

So, perhaps now is a good time to reflect on the advancements that digital technology has enabled us to enjoy.

What benefits are offered by the latest digital CCTV technology?

  1. HD Picture Quality

Thanks to HD imagery provided by digital CCTV video surveillance systems, this has meant unrivalled picture quality, which was always one of the major bugbears of older, analogue equipment.

To put this into context, a standard analogue security camera produces a picture that is similar to a 0.4 mega pixel (MP) image. Digital security cameras, on the other hand, provide in the region of 5 times the clarity – and often much more than this. Indeed, picture resolution can be as high as 30MP. It is the unrivalled quality of images that has been an absolute game-changer in the field of CCTV equipment.

2. Digital CCTV makes security more efficient and cost-effective

    Apart from the fact that picture quality has transformed our ability to zoom in and identify criminals much more easily, because these latest cameras are so powerful, they can ‘patrol’ a much greater area. Whereas at one time you might have required three analogue cameras to monitor a particular space, this can now be done with just one piece of equipment.

    3. Playback without Delay

      Using digital CCTV, images can be constantly recorded and saved. You can rewind in an instant and check out any potential threats straight away. Where analogue tapes would wear out after being played a few times and footage could be scrubbed by mistake or downgraded, digital CCTV data is recorded on a digital storage device, allowing reliable playback, without the worry of inadvertently destroying evidence. It can also be stored for a long period of time, if required.

      4. Data search and analysis

      Digital CCTV systems have revolutionised how we are able to use the equipment at our disposal. If you want to retrieve any data picked up on a camera, this can be searched so much faster than was once possible. Furthermore, footage can be transmitted digitally through a range of methods, like broadband, VPN (virtual private network) or leased lines.

      5. Allows Control Remotely

        If you like the feeling of being in control of your security, digital CCTV takes this to a whole new level. The latest systems provide remote access, enabling you, via your smartphone, to keep a close check on what’s happening at your business premises or at home - day or night. It’s no longer a case of wondering and hoping if everything’s alright. You can check on the security situation in real time.

        These are just a few of the benefits that digital CCTV technology continues to provide. If you would like to discuss how you can improve your existing security arrangements or are considering an upgrade to your old CCTV system due to unreliability, talk to us today. We can arrange a site visit to discuss what would work best for you at the current time. This link will also provide you further information as to the type of products we install.

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