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Do CCTV Systems Need Wi-Fi?

If you are planning to buy a CCTV camera, you might be wondering whether it’s necessary to have Wi-Fi for it to work properly? The answer really depends on what you prefer and, to a certain degree, what you wish to spend.

The attraction of modern-day technology is that it provides the ability to stream video remotely from the CCTV equipment, either via a computer, tablet or smart phone.

It’s not that CCTV cameras actually need Wi-Fi to function. Nevertheless, if you want remote smartphone access to what’s been going on at your business residence, then the cameras will need to be connected to your internet service. This can either be hardwired, which we would consider best practice, or via Wi-Fi. It really comes down to convenience and personal choice.

CCTV – parts and functions

A CCTV security system has three basic components: a camera, recorder and cables. At the heart of the system is the camera or cameras (depending on how many you would require to monitor your premises. You can either have a digital video recorder (DVR) or network video recorder (NVR), both of which process and store the raw images coming from the camera.

Then there are the cables and wiring to power the camera and to capture the video and, depending on the system’s complexity, audio as well.

How does CCTV work without Wi-Fi?

The beauty of CCTV today is that these systems come with so many available features. CCTV cameras are designed to operate with internet connection. But they also work perfectly well and serve a vital function without it. Live, round-the-clock surveillance monitoring will still happen if a monitor is attached via cable to the CCTV. The footage can also be saved in the DVR or NVR for future viewing, should it be required.

The advantages and disadvantages of Internet CCTV

One of the disadvantages of relying on Wi-Fi to the CCTV recorder is that Wi-Fi is rarely available everywhere within a premises, so coverage may be sporadic. Another issue is security itself. A number of CCTV installers opt to avoid having a Wi-Fi connection to their CCTV systems on site, because they feel it makes them more vulnerable to criminals hacking into and disabling the equipment, thereby gaining access to the property. Hardwiring internet connection to a recorder creates an extra layer of security.

The benefit of wired internet connectivity is that it offers exceptional convenience. When the security of your property is at stake, having instant remote access to footage, or alerts, can provide that all-important peace of mind or the option of taking necessary action, should it be required.

Standalone or Internet-connected CCTV – what’s it to be?

Whether you to choose to have a connected or non-connected system, the fact is that CCTV cameras offer one of the most reliable and cost- effective deterrents against crime. They can play a vital role in both business and home security. Apart from having 24-hour manned patrols, CCTV is the only way to continuously monitor activity both inside and outside a property.

If the premises is to be monitored remotely, then it will definitely require a CCTV system with internet connection. Nevertheless, plenty of systems work extremely effectively without the use of internet, by saving footage to a recorder. If the system has no internet images, it will still be successfully stored and captured 24/7 directly to the recorder.

The most effective CCTV camera systems are those that are created bespoke for your situation. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. For any given scenario, simply call us on and we can tailor an installation that best meets your requirements.

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