Addressable Fire detection and alarm systems

Addressable Fire alarm systems are designed for larger and more complex buildings and can identify each single device on the system at the control panel. Whilst always used on larger buildings they are often installed in smaller buildings, when the need for certain parameters are required which are not available on conventional systems. Addressable systems can be of hybrid design incorporating part wireless equipment.


  • Ring type wiring design (a single break in the cable should not effect the operation of the system)
  • Identification of each device on the system at the control panel making fault or fire activations easy to locate.
  • Can be installed from the smallest building right through to the largest of shopping centres, hospitals and airports.
  • Event log to hold all system activations
  • Complex cause and effect parameters can be set (e.g lift grounding, plant shut down etc)
  • Easier to reconfigure zones by simply programming without altering the system wiring.
  • Lower wiring costs than conventional systems.
  • Remote diagnostics.


  • Apart from costing more there are no disadvantages over conventional systems. 

Survey installation and commissioning process

A FREE on site survey is carried out by one of our qualified designers and a quotation is raised for the work required.

If the proposal is acceptable to the client our designer will return to site and carry out a pre installation survey to make sure there has been no changes since the original survey. The survey doesn't take long and shortly after we will issue design drawings and certification in accordance with BAFE and NSI Gold requirements. A mutually aggregable date is set with the client for installation.

Installation engineers will visit on the start date and proceed to install the system. Depending on the size of the system they may be on site each day for many days until the system is installed and then it will be handed over to a commissioning engineer.

Our commissioning engineer will fully test the system and give a comprehensive demonstration to the client. The engineer will fit the zone layout drawing to the wall and issue a log book and operators manual. BAFE Certification will be sent out from our administration office shortly afterwards.

Our engineers will carry out six monthly (or more often on large systems) preventative maintenance visits and we are available 24/7 should you have any problems or require some advice.

We recommend and install the Advanced and Apollo XP95 Addressable system range of equipment but we can also provide installation and service on Fike, C-Tec and Novar manufacturers equipment.

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Advanced Fire Control Panel 



Apollo XP95 MCP



Apollo XP95 Smoke Detector



Apollo XP95 Heat Detector



Apollo XP95 Sounder Beacon



Apollo XP95 Input Output Module



Beam Detector



Remote signalling equipment