Wireless Fire detection and alarm systems

Our wireless or wire free fire alarm systems are more widely used today than ever before. End users and Customers are realising the many benefits of wire free systems.


There are several advantages to installing wireless fire alarm systems. The main reason is that there is far less disruption to your existing decor, and because wires do not have to be installed, ceiling tiles removed or cable containment fitted our engineers can install the system around your business with less disruption to your staff or tenants in a fraction of the time it takes to install a traditional wired system.

Any future alterations to the building can be easily accommodated with a wireless system by simply adding, removing or repositioning devices to suit the change.

There is also no need to shut off part of a building or move staff around during the installation which is more likely with a wired system.

If an older building has asbestos a wireless solution is usually best. 

Because labour time is a fraction of a wired system we are off site far quicker 

Wireless devices can be installed in temporary areas such as portacabins, temporary offices or can be added to an existing wired system.


Our wireless fire detection and alarm systems have been around for many years and installed in the most difficult environments and work flawlessly. We are extremely confident in the reliability of these systems (we wouldn't be installing them if we were not). Literally 1000s of these systems have been installed over the years and much like intruder alarms wireless is gradually becoming the normal standard because of its many advantages.

Batteries which are of a special type last between 3-5 Years and the system will give at least a months notice of a low battery status, plenty of time to have an engineer replace them.

Systems are fully EN54 and BS 5839 compliant and a BAFE certificate is issued upon commissioning.

Survey installation and commissioning process

A FREE on site survey is carried out by one of our qualified designers and a quotation raised for the work required.

If the proposal is acceptable to the client our designer will return to site and carry out a wireless survey to make sure that the system will work in the environment and that their have been no changes since the original survey. This return survey involves the use of some specialised equipment to make sure the system will work correctly first time. The survey doesn't take long and shortly after we will issue design drawings and certification in accordance with BAFE and NSI Gold requirements. A mutually agreeable date is set with the client for installation.

We usually pre program the detectors and call points off site before installation so it is just a case of arriving on site on the installation day fixing the devices in the various areas which takes just a few minutes with a couple of screws. 

Our commissioning engineer will fully test the system and give a comprehensive demonstration to the client. The engineer will fit the zone layout drawing to the wall and issue a log book and operators manual. BAFE Certification will be sent out from our administration office shortly afterwards.

Our engineers will carry out six monthly (or more often on large systems) preventative maintenance visits and we are available 24/7 should you have any problems or require some advice.

We recommend and install the Electro Detectors range of wireless fire alarm equipment but we can also install EMS, Hyfire or Apollo wireless equipment

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