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We Install Service and maintain Portable Fire Extinguishers

We have been installing and maintaining our customers portable fire extinguishers for over 30 Years. Our engineers work to the relevant British Standard BS 5306.

Fixed price servicing

We’ve built a strong reputation for honest advice and great, local customer service.

We have fixed prices for extinguisher servicing and our prices include replacement O rings and seals used as part of the service. We can service Water, Foam (AFFF) C02 and powder extinguishers  

Design and Installation service

Our engineers can design your scheme for you and give advice on what is needed we design , supply, install and maintain the following:-

  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Fire Blankets
  • Signage
  • Storage cabinets
  • Brackets

Our credentials

Our engineers are all BAFE trained and have years of experience. We can also look after your other disciplines such as fire alarm systems, emergency lighting, disabled refuge systems one visit, one engineer cuts your costs and inconvenience down

As part of the service our engineers will check for the following and issue a certificate

  • Check for correct pressure
  • Check for access to the unit
  • Check the individual parts are not damaged or effected
  • Make sure the tamper seal and pin are intact
  • Check for general wear and tear or damage

Contact us now on 0845 468 9077 to discuss your Public Sector Portable Fire extinguisher requirements from Justice Fire and Security.


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