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Emergency lighting installation and maintenance

Emergency lighting is a must-have for any public place. It’s a requirement for any building where staff work or where the public visit. If something does go wrong, emergency lighting will still work, even if the power has failed.

Emergency lighting is a vital part of your building safety requirements – so it’s vital to find a trusted, qualified and experienced firm to help you get the best possible system for your needs.

Justice Fire and Security has spent 30 years building a solid reputation for trusted, reliable security and safety solutions. We’re experts when it comes to keeping commercial properties safe, and we’ve worked to fit systems in stadiums and conference halls, warehouses, banks and a multitude of other public and private premises.

British Standard emergency lighting systems

All our emergency lighting conforms to British Standard BS 5266.

There are ongoing requirements for all emergency lighting systems, much like with fire alarms. It is common sense to test your emergency systems, and lighting is no exception. It’s also a must-do for businesses. A responsible person from your property will need to conduct at least one check per month, and record this in a log book.

We’re big advocates of prevention rather than cure – and checking over emergency lighting is a key task in keeping your business safe.

Depending on which type of emergency lighting you need, a qualified engineer will need to test your emergency lighting system every six or 12 months. 

Local emergency lighting engineers are ready to help you

Since we started, way back in 1986, we’ve built up a network of trusted, qualified engineers. That means we can always send a local, experienced technician to your business.

Our local emergency lighting engineers have worked with some of the biggest commercial names, and in a variety of locations – from Doctors and Dental surgeries to hospitals and care homes. We can offer free advice and quotes for your needs – and we’ll work to install and maintain your system once you decide which type of emergency lighting to buy.




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