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Air Aspirating smoke detection Systems (VESDA)

Unlike conventional smoke detectors which rely on the smoke to reach the detector by way of convection, air aspirating systems or VEDSA constantly draw air into a central sampling detection chamber via a network of pipes.

The system is monitored 24/7 to make sure it is running correctly and because it is constantly drawing the air into its detection chamber (rather than waiting for ambient smoke to reach it) the system can detect smoke much earlier than conventional detectors.

These systems can detect smoke at the very early stages of combustion before being visible to the naked eye and are often used in clean rooms such as server, data and communications or electrical switch rooms and can pick up the very early stages of even a micro chip in a server starting to burn.

Multiple Alarm thresholds and staged alarms

The system is connected to a fire detection and alarm system to give warning of an impeding fire. We can also interface with our fire suppression systems and this is usually designed in a two stage format. Stage one of detection activates the fire alarm sounders and if a second or conventional smoke detector is activated within the protected area then stage two activates the fire suppression system to extinguish the fire.

These systems can be adjusted so that they can be used at a normal sensitivity level in warehouses or industrial areas where it would be difficult to install and maintain conventional smoke detectors. The tubing is installed throughout the protected area and the detector is fitted where it is accessable for servicing. The pipework once installed does not usually need to be touched.

Typical installations (High sensitivity level)

  • Server rooms and data centres
  • Battery rooms
  • Electrical and Switchgear rooms
  • Control rooms

Typical installations (normal sensitivity difficult to access areas)

  • Warehouse roofs
  • Lift shafts
  • Inaccessible Voids
  • Multi storey car parks

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