Take the Hassle out Of Your Commercial Security System

For 30 years, we’ve helped businesses stay on top of their security systems. With employee fluctuations, potential false alarms or multiple devices, it’s important you have peace of mind that your security system is robust and reliable.

We don’t just design and install trusted commercial security systems. We also provide a full servicing and maintenance service too.

Our engineers are on call 24/7, so you know there is an emergency response if you need it.

But we’ve also invested in technology – and that means, Justice Fire and Security takes all the hassle out of your commercial security issues.

Advanced Remote Servicing Saves You Time

Because we’ve stayed ahead of security technology advancements, we offer customers a state-of-the-art approach to security system maintenance and administration.

In general, we only use engineer call outs as a last resort. Our remote system saves you time and provides the same standard of quality service you’d get from an engineer in person.

Our remote servicing suite is staffed by trusted, fully-qualified engineers. We have a secure authorisation system, which only you can activate. Once you do, we can remotely access your system to fix issues and carry out maintenance.

Advanced Customer Service From Commercial Security Experts

This approach allows us to take all the hassle out of your system. When employees leave, we can delete them from the system immediately, without needing to send an engineer to your office. We can add or remove access devices, or check on potential false alarms.

We’ll always make sure your commercial security equipment stays robust, safe and secure. If we cannot resolve an issue remotely, we’ve got skilled, trusted and qualified engineers available 24/7 just in case. All our service vehicles are automatically tracked, and our IT system will route the nearest engineer to your premises or home whenever you need them.

Commercial Maintenance