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Temperature Screening Solutions

With the UK assessing how it can responsibly return to and maintain “business as normal” after nationwide lockdown, Justice Fire & Security have developed an extensive range of safety-first strategies to protect staff in the workplace.

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Temperature Screening

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Temperature Screening

Life after lockdown may be different, but life and work has to go on – and here’s how we can help your business to succeed now and into the future.

Our live monitoring, early detection systems can be used to carry out rapid temperature screening of individuals or groups of people, across a wide range of locations – offices, factories and warehouses, retail units and public buildings.

Using advanced detectors and algorithms, our state-of-the-art Thermographic Screening Cameras are able to detect anyone on your premises with an elevated skin-surface temperature. The equipment measures the infrared energy emitted by the Human Body remotely.

Accurate measurement does not require any physical contact with the sensor or members of your workforce.

The screening equipment provides an accuracy of plus or minus 0.3 degrees C.

Skin-surface temperature detection after just one second

Simultaneous multi-person detection

Instant alarm notification for the operator

Minimises false alarms - AI detection separates temperature readings from other heat sources

Detects any personnel who aren’t wearing masks.

About Fever Screening – Preventing False Alarms

Identifying fever in the workplace is critical when COVID-19 still has the potential to surface. To keep you safe, Justice Fire & Security supply, fit and configure thermal detection fever and temperature screening equipment across large parts of the UK.

Isolates hot spots – day or night

Sends alerts to our control centre or via a designated smart phone app

Operates in a temperature range of between -40c to +550c

If a person’s temperature goes above or below pre-set trigger levels, the thermal detection system we use will automatically flag up an occurrence from the camera.

The equipment is not only highly accurate, it is also extremely versatile. It can be connected to an existing security system infrastructure, or installed as a separate standalone solution, using WiFi and a laptop or tablet device.

Unprecedented times, call for unprecedented measures.The health and well-being of staff has never been more under the spotlight.

Justice Fire & Security can help instil peace of mind and help ensure your business can operate responsibly and with confidence.

For further information about our thermographic screening cameras and associated security equipment, call Justice Fire & Security on 0845 468 9077.





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