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If something goes wrong with your intruder or fire alarm, CCTV system or remote monitoring, you’d expect the company who installed it to respond quickly.

Having paid out a fair amount in the first place for the system to be installed and maintained, the least they should be doing is to maintain a decent level of service, in a timely fashion.

But it doesn’t always work out like this….

Over the years, we’ve taken over hundreds of contracts where the original installer has failed to measure up, or simply gone out of business altogether.

Of course, if the original installer has gone to the wall, the only option is to instruct another company to take over the legacy system

Where shortfalls in service support are even more remiss, however, is when the security company simply fails to respond promptly to a customer’s dilemma and takes an age to repair a fault, or they simply don’t turn up at all. To add insult to injury, the customer is still expected to pay an exorbitant annual service charge for the privilege!

In our view, this is all out of order!

4-hour response times

Having been in this industry for well over 30 years, we believe it is unacceptable to keep a customer waiting for days on end before an engineer turns up at your premises, in response to a breakdown in equipment. We take pride in responding to a service or maintenance call out within four hours. If we can get there even quicker, then we will.

Furthermore, when you call us, you’ll always get to speak to one of our staff – a real life person! No pre-recorded announcements or irritating situations where a robotic voice asks your reason for the call but, if your reply doesn’t match their anticipated response, you don’t get anywhere. Infuriating!

So, if you are experiencing repeated problems with your current service provider – however large or small that company may be – we’re confident that Justice Fire and Security can provide a far more agreeable and cost-effective alternative.

Our service and maintenance contracts are competitively priced, extremely flexible and can be tailored to your specific requirements. With the assurance that, if you call us with a problem, we will have engineer to you within that four-hour timeframe.

If I switch, what services can you take over?

If you are looking to switch provider, we are well-placed to take over your entire system, regardless of its age or the type of equipment that has been installed. This will include intruder alarms, fire alarms and extinguishersaccess control and door entry systems, emergency lighting and smoke cloak. We would also be able to ensure any remote monitoring remains operational.

Our dedicated and fully trained multi-disciplined engineers will thoroughly test and inspect your system(s) prior to takeover, to ensure it is fully functioning and to advise if there are any equipment flaws.

What happens to my Alarm Monitoring?

If your current system is monitored with another provider, it is no problem. We can take over your existing system and ensure a smooth process to our alarm receiving centre. Our surveyor will give you all the available options.

How much will it cost me to switch my security provider?

This is always a key question – especially for customers who feel they’ve been paying through the nose for a poor service. Firstly, we would always provide a free site survey and quote you for taking over the project, before you make any commitment. Without going into specifics, what we can say is that in the majority of cases, we are able to reduce your existing costs on service and maintenance. Indeed, we have many current commercial and domestic clients who have seen yearly savings of many thousands of pounds by switching to us.

Maybe we can do the same for you….

If you are dissatisfied with the present arrangements and charges you are receiving from your security provider, we would be pleased to discuss taking over your existing systems. We are based in Birmingham and offer a dedicated service to homes and businesses within a 50-mile radius of our West Midlands headquarters. This includes areas such as Wolverhampton, Coventry, West Bromwich, Solihull, Sutton Coldfield, Lichfield, Stafford and Stoke.

For all enquiries, call our main switchboard on 0845 257 0090, or click HERE