There are various ancillary equipment that can be fitted to or interface with our access control systems.

Fire Alarm Interface

A building with a fire alarm system should be integrated with the access control system so that in the event of a fire alarm activation all doors are released enabling easy egress. Certain security risks (e.g. control rooms, Banks jewellery shops and such like) may be exempt from this due to malicious activation of the fire alarm to enable the intruder into the secure area.  


Printers can be used to print out an event log or fire alarm roll call in the event of fire alarm activation. Card printers can be used to print out user access cards complete with photo ID when using our proximity readers   

Gates and Barriers

Gates and Barriers can be integrated into an access control system quite easily in most cases, negating the need for a traditional gates house and the staff to run it.

External Door locks

Whilst we do not usually get directly involved with door furniture, access control systems should not be the only means of securing an outside door when the building is unoccupied in case of a major system failure the building could be left insecure. Traditional secondary locking should be used on external doors.






Apollo XP 95 input output unit 



ID Card Printer


Gates and Barriers



External Locks