Tips for Stepping Up Your Home Security during COVID-19 Lockdown

Thursday, June 18, 2020



With Justice Fire and Security being based in Birmingham, we were interested to hear of an article that appeared recently in the Wolverhampton Express and Star newspaper. It was on the subject of Special Constables stepping up to the mark in support of the West Midlands Police during the current COVID-19 lockdown.

The West Midlands has been hit especially hard by coronavirus and the Specials have been called in to bolster the force during the pandemic, supporting the emergency services and covering for officers who may have been forced to self-isolate.

Keeping safe health-wise has been an overriding priority for all of us, as we carefully navigate our way through the current crisis. At the same time, whilst crime rates have thankfully fallen during the lockdown, it doesn’t mean you should become complacent about the activities of the criminal fraternity. The advice has to be: don’t let your guard down.

So here are some useful tips for making sure you stay safe during these unprecedented times.

Take simple and effective measures

Whilst recognising that, currently, it may be difficult to get out to the shops – even if they are open – anyone looking to break in to your property will be seeking an easy point of entry. So, where possible, make sure that garages and sheds are properly secured, especially if they contain expensive equipment such as bikes, play equipment and other machinery. If you have a side gate, have it padlocked.Make sure downstairs windows are shut and locked – especially at night.

Keeping your valuables safe

You might also want to consider marking your possessions with the number of your house or apartment, or even the postcode. You can do this by using an ultraviolet pen which is invisible to the eye. This can be problematic for burglars because it makes these items much harder to sell but, just as importantly, it is easier for the police to identify stolen goods.

If you haven’t done so already, we would also advise that you register any valuable possessions you have with the Immobilise Property Register. This is another way that the police can match lost or stolen property with the rightful owner.

If you need further assistance with how to effectively mark your possessions, contact your local Neighbourhood Watch or local police station.

Do I need a home security system?

As a first priority, we would always advocate taking the steps outlined above. However, for additional security and peace of mind you may wish to consider having a burglar alarm installed, especially if you live in a high crime area oryour close neighbours already have alarms fitted. If yours is the property that appears not to have an alarm system, burglars may be tempted to try their luck.

As an alternative to a full-blown home security system, outdoor lighting can also be a big deterrent. A light which automatically comes on when it senses movement outside your home can be both useful for you and other occupants when you come home after dark, but it will also act as an effective defence against unwelcome intruders.

Additionally, it’s always worth remembering that you may well be able to get a reduction on your home insurance premium if you have a security alarm installed.

We are Keyworkers

Since we are classed as a keyworker group, throughout this period of lockdown, we continue to work on installations and essential maintenance. Our admin teams are largely all working from home, answering the phones and providing an important link to our customers.So if you want to speak to anyone about your current home security arrangements, please do call. We are still working.

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