Helping your Workplace stay clear of COVID-19

Monday, June 29, 2020


The Screening that could help your Workplace stay clear of COVID-19

We live in challenging times, that’s for sure. The arrival of COVID-19 in our lives seems to have changed everything.

As we have all been experiencing in recent months, whatever passed for normal at the start of 2020, certainly isn’t the case now.

Who would have thought that the simple, everyday act of going to work would become such a complicated exercise?

Yet life goes on – it has to. And that means our working lives must continue. Yes, it may mean that more of us work from home - visiting our offices and other places of work much less frequently than we once did, or hardly ever at all.

If people can adapt and it is practical to do your job from home, that’s great.

But for many millions of us across the UK, that is simply not possible. As examples, you can’t work in a shop, in a warehouse, or on a factory floor from your own front room.

That’s why there is an urgent need – a responsibility even – to make our places of work safe in these COVID-present times. That said, nobody should be expected to go to work if there is an obvious risk, or even a possibility, that they will become infected with coronavirus. Similarly, neither should anyone go to work not realising that they may have contracted coronavirus or are showing symptoms and then running the risk of passing it on to their work colleagues.

This is where Justice Fire & Security have huge role to play in helping UK businesses get back on track.

Just as technology came to the rescue during lockdown (with products like the conferencing software, Zoom, that has enabled people to “meet” remotely), so too the range of technological solutions that we are now able to introduce into the workplace are designed to give a major boost for getting back-to-work safely.

We have developed an extensive range of safety-first strategies to protect staff in the workplace, including:

Touch free entry/exit points

Temperature Screening

Density Control

Mask Detection

Digital Display Solutions  

Temperature and Fever Screening

One of the key products we can offer in the fight against COVID-19 is focussed on real-time temperature screening.

Using advanced detectors and algorithms, our state-of-the-art Thermographic Screening Cameras provide live monitoring of anyone coming onto your premises with an elevated skin-surface temperature.

The equipment remotely measures the infrared energy emitted by the body, providing commercial enterprises with a rapid, early warning detection for anyone whose temperature is above normal levels. The readings have an accuracy of plus or minus -0.3c – so it’s pretty accurate!This type of screening can work equally well for individuals or groups of people and across a wide range of locations – offices, factories and warehouses, retail units and public buildings.

And since each reading can be taken remotely, it doesn’t require any physical contact with the sensor or members of your workforce.

If someone shows up with a high temperature, the thermal imaging camera will immediately flag up that there is an issue and this information can be passed to your existing security system infrastructure or to an appropriate laptop tablet, or smartphone.

Our monitoring equipment is so sophisticated that it will also send alerts about anyone who isn’t wearing a mask when they should be.

Thermal screening of this type can be effective for all sizes of operation and it needn’t be overly expensive. But, as with all these things, it’s a case of weighing up the relative costs. Just say you hadn’t monitored your staff, as we’ve just described, and then you suddenly found that large numbers of personnel needed to be quarantined because they’d gone down with the virus at work. This could be extremely disruptive - especially if your company was just starting to take the first tentative steps back towards “normal trading”.

Thermal imaging body temperature screening is here to act as an important gatekeeper, offering a layer of fast-acting security that could make the difference between staying open for business on one hand, or on the other hand, facing further unnecessary disruption and even enforced closure.

If you would like to discuss what temperature screening and staff monitoring procedures would work best for your business, please call our office or complete the enquiry form here.

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