Covid-19 (coronavirus) Outbreak Statement

Tuesday, March 17, 2020


We at Justice Fire and Security are working closely with our suppliers, customers and staff to ensure that we are responding effectively to the Covid-19 (coronavirus) outbreak in order to minimise the impact on our operations and service.

We have provided guidelines to all our employees to ensure that they are provided with the latest Government and NHS guidance and advice.

At our offices we are restricting visitors to necessary visits only, such as vital deliveries, we have provided warning signs and hand gels at each entrance.

As a paperless operation with VOIP telephony and remote access to our servers, we are able to operate virtually so that our staff can work from home if it becomes necessary, our customers and suppliers will not notice the difference (we have already been able to do this for some years as part of our disaster recovery procedures)

Many of our newer systems have remote servicing facilities so a site visit is not always necessary, and our engineers can access these systems remotely

Our engineers (who are available 24/7) operate remotely from home, they carry alcoholic gels and can wipe down their PDA devices before customer screen signature if necessary and they will also comply with customer or supplier individual site requirements.

We have a strong partnership with our suppliers and have increased our stock levels to ensure we are prepared for any slowdown in the supply chain.

We will regularly review our response to the Covid-19 (coronavirus) outbreak to ensure that it remains relevant and effective.

Dave Sanders

Managing Director 17/03/20



Justice Service Engineer

Alarm Monitoring