Access Control for Schools

Friday, April 26, 2019


An Access Control System in your School could boost your Ofsted Rating !

When there is so much that schools need to focus on in relation to Ofsted inspections, the subject of security can often go to the back of the class.

Whilst Ofsted Reports aren’t exclusively about learning and the curriculum, at the same time, Ofsted inspectors aren’t specifically tasked with assessing the minute detail of school security systems. Nevertheless, what might be perceived as unstructured or potentially lax security inside and outside the building could have a detrimental impact on your school’s rating.

So amidst the pressures associated with that impending visit by Ofsted, it will certainly be worth devoting a certain amount of consideration to the security on the school premises. It could be the difference between you receiving an outstanding or less-glowing report.

The drawbacks of key codes and staffed access control

In this day and age, security within the school gates is a major consideration.

Schools have a duty of care to offer a secure environment to pupils, staff and visitors. But it is also equally important to safeguard the premises from any external threat.  

Many schools are dependent upon key codes and staffed access control, but both these have their limitations. For instance, with key codes, who gets to decide on what these should be, how many people need to be told, what happens if a staff member leaves, will staff remember the codes if they are changed regularly and could they fall into the hands of a third party?

Meanwhile, schools that rely on staffed access control, require a member of staff to be present every time a visitor wants to enter the building. Where resources are already stretched, this can become a big inconvenience. And what happens, for instance, if there is no one manning the “front desk” for long periods?

So both these options have their drawbacks.

The Solution - Access Control Technology

Installing an efficient, fully supported access control system can help schools avoid complications associated with key codes or personnel having to manage access – and, at the same time, enhance security within the school environment.

A modern, fit-for-purpose, fully-monitored access control system can:

  • Provide security for every door entry point – from the front entrance to the most tucked away classroom
  • Be connected to your fire alarm, so doors will be unlocked if the alarm is triggered
  • Set specific times for when doors are opened and closed
  • Provide entry fobs for every member of staff
  • Simplify your school security arrangements

With school safety seemingly now an area of increasing concern up and down the country, the case for improved technology to add welcome layers of protection and reliability is now more compelling than ever.

It is, therefore, no coincidence that we are now receiving an increased level of enquiries from local education authorities on this very issue.

At Justice Fire and Security, we have more than 30 years’ experience working with public sector security requirements nationwide - with schools very much on our radar. If your establishment hasn’t upgraded its security for quite some time or you have concerns about the current system, as a first port of call, we would recommend carrying out a full site survey of the school premises.

Our comprehensive range of affordable public sector security systems include:

  • Access control for entrances and receptions
  • Visitor monitoring
  • CCTV cameras and security cameras
  • Burglar and intruder alarms
  • Plus a wide array of fire alarms and fire deterrent equipment

For assurance on the quality and reliability of our services, we have been awarded NACOSS Gold accreditation by the National Security Inspectorate.

Offering complete peace of mind, our public sector security systems are monitored 24-hours-a-day, seven days a week - with automatic alerts to the emergency services (police, fire, ambulance) and the nominated key holder, should your intruder or fire alarm go off.

If you have any concerns about access control and security within your school, we are here to help. Our expertise can optimise your safety – and it might just make the difference between being given a “Good” or “Outstanding” Ofsted Report.

For further information about our public sector security systems, call us now on 0845 468 0927 or Download our FREE buyers guide