7 Simple ways to secure your home- A New years resolution

Wednesday, January 16, 2019


Lots of talk is made of Dry January – when people go a whole month staying off the booze.

As healthy as it is to have a detox once in a while, wouldn’t it be equally beneficial to be resolved over your home security? And the great thing about making a commitment to being burglar proof is that it won’t just apply until the end of this month! It will hold you in good stead for the whole of 2019 and beyond.

So here are seven smart steps you can take to keeping your home safe in the longer term.

1.If you are absent from the property, at work or away on holiday for an extended period of time, leave some lights on. Or make sure they are on a timer, so that they come on when it gets dark. Anything to show you are in residence will help.

2.Keep any garages, sheds or outbuildings locked. Apart from the fact that they may contain valuable items, if they are easily accessible, it might provide a tool for a thief to use for breaking into your home.

3.Don’t leave a key under a flowerpot or in your usual “hiding place”. It might be found! If you have a spare key floating about for emergencies, leave it with a neighbour, where possible.

4.And talking of neighbours, if your car is going to be parked elsewhere whilst you are away, encourage them to park their cars on your drive. Any driveway that’s empty for an extended period of time, e.g. for a couple of weeks, may be an indicator that the property is unoccupied.

5.If your neighbours are really good about being neighbourly, ask them to pop in every couple of days (or daily even) and pick up any mail that’s lying around on the doormat. A pile of letters, free sheets and junk mail left unattended suggests you are away.

6.In this day and age when social media is all the rage, it might be best to hold off from posting any holiday pics on your Facebook or Instagram until you are back home. There are ruthless cyber stalkers out there, checking out addresses of people who publicise - in all innocence - that they are currently sunning themselves on a beach in Benidorm, leaving their houses at the mercy of the criminally intentioned. Make sure you don’t fall into this trap.

7.Finally, if you feel that burglaries in your area are starting to stack up and you have friends or relatives who have already been targeted, 2019 might be the year to have a burglar alarm installed. It needn’t cost the earth, but it will certainly give you that extra layer of security and reassurance.

These are all simple steps that you can take to stay safe. If you need any further advice, then we are here to help. Our nationwide team at Justice Fire & Security have huge experience when it comes to home protection. That’s why our extensive range of domestic security products has been designed with you in mind. These products work!

For a no-obligation quotation, call us today on0845 468 0927.

Above all, make it your New Year’s Resolution to protect your family and property. Now that really is worth toasting!

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