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To Upgrade From a Wired to a Wireless Alarm, Will I Need a Brand-new Security System?

No – is the short answer!

For either commercial or home security, if you have an alarm system at your premises that was originally a wired-only configuration – and you now want to ramp things up and go wireless - it is perfectly feasible to upgrade and add new features, without starting from scratch.

In terms of intruder alarms, whilst the technology has moved on spectacularly over the last 10 years or so, the beauty is that it has become so clever and flexible that, in the majority of situations, it can be integrated with what is already in place. Unless the old system is so old and unreliable that it isn’t worth saving!

This means you can avoid the unnecessary expense of having an entirely new system installed and all the disruption that this could entail.

What many of our customers decide to do - and we believe is usually the best solution - is to go for a mix and match approach. A little bit of old, a little bit of new - to create what’s known as a hybrid system. This would typically involve replacing and upgrading the main control panel, so that the original wired devices are still operational, with the existing detectors and sounder normally being retained, but any extra or future devices will all be wireless.

Are wired to wireless and hybrid systems available for commercial and domestic security systems?

Yes, they are. The technology that is available, which we now use on a consistent basis, is tailored to both business and residential environments. Above all, this provides all customers with cost effective, disruption-free options, geared to optimal security.

Whether it’s a small bungalow or a massive warehouse or office block, if you want to adapt an existing wired alarm to wireless or hybrid capability, we work with the same manufacturer, Pyronix. They are arguably the world leaders in electronic security equipment for the intruder alarm market, with products and technology suited to residential, commercial and industrial applications. Through their in-house R&D teams, they have patented many technologies and won numerous awards for their wired, hybrid and wireless intruder alarm systems. Nothing’s been overlooked!

Here’s why hybrid technology is highly effective at addressing intruder security

You might think that once you have purchased a control panel within your property, the system is set in stone. But this doesn’t need to be the case. The benefit of Pyronix’s hybrid, wired and wireless systems is that they provide optimum flexibility within an existing installation, avoiding the likelihood of a control panel becoming obsolete.

By using wired and wireless expanders, it’s possible to add a wide range of security and safety features to an existing intruder alarm system – without driving a coach and horses through the aesthetics of the installation. In other words, it won’t be necessary to rip out wiring and carpets and start all over again with new access points.

The hybrid systems we install can be configured to include internal and external intruder detectors, shock or magnetic contacts and water leak sensors. And, for additional protection, two-way wireless safety devices like smoke and carbon monoxide sensors, can also be integrated.

What’s more, Pyronix have recently introduced app-based products which provide video and home automation options. This means that, as a customer, you’ll be able to access your original wired security system remotely, to set and unset the system. The technology also provides you with live monitoring of HD cameras, to be notified of alarm activations and to receive customisable push notifications.

And to think that all this is possible to integrate within an existing wired system - that’s the advantage of advanced technology!

If you are looking to upgrade your existing intruder alarm system or want to introduce more features, to provide you with greater flexibility, call us today for a free site survey. Our experienced engineers will be pleased to advise you of the best options to meet your requirements - we’ll also provide a competitive quote to carry out the work. Simply call our main West Midlands switchboard on 0845 468 0927