Trevor Clocks Up a Quarter Of a Century’s Service

Wednesday, February 10, 2021


Congratulations to our Service Manager, Trevor Hipkiss who, in the blink of an eye it would seem, has completed 25 years’ service at Justice Fire & Security.

Trevor joined the company in April 1995 and, within a couple of years, took on the mantel of Service Manager, a position he has held with distinction to the present day.

His prime areas of responsibility are to coordinate from our Birmingham HQ the work of our nationwide team of service engineers and to provide a client-interfacing service for system extensions and new projects. Thankfully, during this extended period of national lockdown, the technology that’s present in so many of our key security systems has enabled Trevor and his team to work remotely, largely without any disruption in terms of service delivery.

As examples of how we’ve been able to use hi-tech security equipment to good effect recently, Trevor has been closely involved with coordinating installations of wireless fire alarms from Electro Detectors and the Pyronix Systems intruder alarm, which handily comes with its own app.

Indeed, it’s been a busy period for Trevor, overseeing projects for a broad range of long-standing customers, including two prominent jewellers, a school, an industrial coatings manufacturer, an air conditioning and refrigeration provider, a packaging company and a football club.

The experience and knowledge that Trevor brings to the role is also highly valued by the talented team he manages – a number of whom have gone on to enjoy lengthy careers with the company.

Dave Hillier, our Installations Manager, together with Senior Service Engineers Adrian Beirne, John Arnold and Mitchell Cooney, were all taken under Trevor’s wing when they first joined us. They have each gone on to record over 20 years’ service with the company.

So, congratulations Trevor, on reaching your 25-year landmark (although that’s not quite as many years as he’s been an Aston Villa fanatic and season ticket holder!)

We are greatly indebted to all the hard work and dedication that Trevor has brought to this central role in the business.