Chris Proves You Can’t Beat Industry Experience!

Wednesday, February 24, 2021


You can’t beat experience - within our industry, this is especially true!

In-depth technical knowledge and years of ‘knowing-the-ropes’ are essential components for delivering consistently high-quality service. For although we are always keen to encourage and nurture up-and-coming talent, it is crucial that we have plenty of top-level engineering expertise that our clients can rely on.

At Justice Fire and Security, we have engineers who are fully qualified and accredited in all aspects of our industry - from being fully au-fait with FIA statutory requirements relating to fire protection equipment, to undergoing leading manufacturers’ certification courses.

Take the company Hikvision CCTV as an example. It is vital that we have the necessary in-house expertise to be able to work confidently with all aspects of their latest, state-of-the-art, hi-tech systems, where new products are constantly coming to market. That’s why we have engineers, like Chris Wooldridge, who are now HCSA accredited by Hikvision, ensuring our team are highly proficient in the Hikvision brand and product range.

Chris, a security industry veteran with 30 years’ experience under his belt, who joined Justice Fire and Security four years ago, is also accredited to work with Paxtons NET2 and Paxton 10 access control and management systems. In addition, he is authorised for the Pyronix Euro and Enforcer wireless technology security ranges.

During his career, Chris has played an integral part in a number of high-profile overground and underground projects (literally!). Back in the day, he was closely involved with installing security systems on the Severn Bridge, the Mersey Tunnel and the Bank of England.

“As we move from analogue to an increasingly sophisticated digital world of wireless security systems, we have had to move with the times,” said Chris. “It is paramount that we know how today’s amazingly complex systems work inside out. Receiving manufacturer accreditation is a big responsibility and one that we take very seriously. Being able to rely on our capability is the very least our clients should expect,” he added.

This professional and dedicated approach hasn’t gone unnoticed by the manufacturers themselves. In fact, the partnership between our company and security specialists like Pyronix and CSL is now so close that we have recently been involved with beta testing their new apps.